Thinking about how landscape architecture can play a multiplicity of roles, such as strengthening the relationship of interior and exterior spaces, or how beautifully designed landscape elements can replace uninviting structures, is something we are interested in at G2 Collaborative. We believe in the ability of landscape to create community, vibrant social settings, rich ecological environments, as well as to invite play and engagement. By implementing new spatial strategies, doing material research, and understanding the psychology of users and space, all while understanding the inherent qualities  of site and context, allows us to take our projects to the next level.


Garden Weave

Garden Weave extends ground to canopy, weaving the horizon into an oblique landscape that invites visitors to navigate the space between. Inspired by the pastoral landscape of the Gaspe Peninsula, Garden Weave reveals the edge between field and wild by stitching together the horizontal ground axis, with the vertical tree line axis.


Harvard Yard Child Care Center

Located on the Harvard Campus, The Harvard Yard Child Care Center playground design aims to inspire curiosity, creativity, and joy for the generations of children learning and playing here.  The long rectangular space was parceled into a sequence of captivating play experiences. Integrating playful topography, vertical climbing elements...


Brooklyn Children's Museum

G2 collaborated with Trilox to develop the play experience on 'the nest' a rooftop play sculpture for the Brooklyn Children's Museum. The play concept 'over, under, and through' integrates a series of tunnels and rooms for children to explore inside the sculpture and a hammock nest on the top with an open view of the sky...