G2 has been working with the Lexington Montessori School to create a campus plan which reflects the values and the mission of the school. With the acquisition of 19 acres of woodlands, the school had the opportunity to extend this mission beyond the main central campus. From pre-school through middle school, classroom curriculum extends to the outdoors. The master planning looks to extend the existing working farm element through the campus core to be accessible to all of the students and to provide hoop houses for four-season outdoor classroom space. It proposes bringing the woodlands in to campus in groves of trees and woodland plantings and it looks to creating a more agricultural feel to the larger site elements such as fencing to better represent the importance of sustainability to the school. Other individual projects include creating a new sports field, utlilizing the existing woodland and field to create a nature play space, creating programming for educational activities to happen in the large woodland environment as well as establishing small social spaces for students.

Project by G2 Collaborative