Set behind a traditional Victorian home in Brookline, is a contemporary garden and structure that houses cars, a sauna, roof top deck and garden and hot tub. The deck connects seamlessly to the living level of the house and to a new garden below. The small, courtyard garden is both viewing garden for the deck above as well as refuge for gathering around a fire pit and access to the park and school in the adjacent lot. Old and new is bought together in the concrete walls juxtaposed against salvaged granite curbing which is laid on its side to create the terrace paving. Between the joints is a mix of moss, sedum and thyme to soften the character of the yard. A bamboo screen planting and garden edge buffer the edges of the terrace, and rain is collected in a monolithic granite slab where a shallow well collects water. This garden element creates both a space to invite sitting and gathering as well as a place to attract birds.

Project by G2 Collaborative with Hisel Flynn Architects

Photos by Peter Vanderwarker