Christ Church Cambridge desires to renovate the front entry area of their site, between the church and the sidewalk of Garden Street.  The primary impetus of this work is to make the front door of the church welcoming and accessible to all.  The scope of proposed work includes:

-Raising the existing granite slabs at the front (north) doors of the main sanctuary to be flush with the interior finished floor elevation.  There will no longer be any risers between the driveway and the front door of the church.

-add a granite bench to either side of the entryway to allow for this grade change while preventing a tripping hazard to either side of the new entry. 

-Re-paving the driveway with brick pavers (to match existing) and asphalt to accommodate new Accessible grades.  A raised curb and planting bed prevents grade from being raised against the water table of the church anywhere, except right at the front doors. 

-Add a unit paver area (approximately 750 sf) to the west of the existing driveway to accommodate handicap accessible parking and (3) additional spaces.  These spaces will allow for the removal of parking that currently happens in front of the church on the sidewalk, at the existing semi-circular drive. 

-New planting. 

By G2 Collaborative