The Cambridge Skating Club (CSC), founded in 1897, operates on a 1+ acre site at 40 Willard Street, Cambridge. The property is mostly open space which is flooded in the winter for ice skating on natural ice, and drained during the other three seasons. During the spring, summer, and fall, the property is rented to the Cambridge Tennis Club (CTC). In 1954, the CTC graded the property, installed five clay tennis courts, and added a drainage system. The clubhouse is used by both the CSC and the CTC during their respective seasons.

This master planning effort attempts to address large scale programmatic needs as well as thinks strategically and holistically about the site and its character, definition, and context. Master plans should suggest continuities and attitudes that work with the user groups and the needs of the attendant landscape. This master plan allows the CTC to think strategically about its capital improvement budget over an extended period of time.

Project by G2 Collaborative